Monday, July 28, 2008

Cutting Edge - Ga' Hoole Tree Designs

Being on the cutting edge of anything has never been my strong suit. I tend to hold back and wait until "you" have gotten the bugs out of the works for me before I'll consider trying something new. To say I am old fashioned and behind the times, well, it's really not an insult to me. I take great pride in doing some things the old fashioned way.

I still use not printed off the computer...but smelly, old, wrinkled map books for all the surrounding counties which I keep in the pocket behind my seat. When I make stuffing, I break the bread and chop the celery and onions myself. I make my own pies and cakes and my daughter was 10 before she had a store bought sweater. I hand write letters and have no idea what an iPod is, let alone does.

Recently, however, I met a dynamic jeweler who is really on the cutting edge in so many ways and she is trying to bring me out of the dark ages and into the 21st Century. Of course, I am kicking and screaming all the way...but just think...she has me blogging.

AnnaLee Husband is the leader of our Etsy Team eSmarts, The Etsy Social Marketing Arts Guild. In addition to producing exquisite jewelry for her Esty shops Ga'Hoole Tree Designs and Sassy D Lite she makes available to us all the remarkable gems she has hand selected for her supplies shop Ga'Hoole Tree Supplies. Even better, AnnaLee is sharing with the team her years of experience and most importantly her success marketing online through Social Marketing Techniques she has developed and with our team effort we will be able to create an online presence, which none of us could have achieved alone.

AnnaLee Husband is always trying something new and recently I caught up with her blog Ga'Hoole Tree Designs where she is trying out a new slide show. It's worth a trip to Ga'Hoole Tree just to check out the slide show but doubly worth it since it's full of AnnaLee's treasures.

Enjoy the trip and stop back here often for reviews of other team members and Etsians as I travel the road to the 21st Century. Who knows, maybe I'll get a fax machine or something exciting like that.

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