Saturday, September 27, 2008

Whimsical Wilma - Good Enough to Eat

I just love my Esmarts team members. They constantly surprise and amaze me with the variety and beauty of their work posted on Etsy. One in particular usually makes me hungry too. Wilma, of Wilma's Whimsey's makes the most delicious Lampwork Beads for jewelry crafters. Currently listed at her Etsy Store she has Blueberry Supreme and Marble Cake. Yummmm. Cake and ice cream, how can you go wrong?

Apparently though, Wilma must be thinking about the coming winter weather in Minnesota where she lives, since she has also listed First Snow but maybe she's thinking about staying warm with her Painted Desert and Fire beads.

Wilma's hand crafted Lampwork Beads epitomize the spirit of Etsy . Nationally and hopefully world wide there seems to be a return to an appreciation of handcrafted gifts. What could be more Green and earth friendly than a hand crafted sweater, slippers or beads made by a real person with a love for their craft. No big factories belching smoke for the revolutionaries at Esmarts and Etsy. Why not take the "Hand Made Pledge" today and buy only hand crafted gifts this year and support your local artisans, the Green Movement and our economy. Seems almost patriotic.
Don't forget to check out Wilma's Whimseys for beautiful Lampwork Beads and the rest of the craftsmen and women at Esmarts Team for a wide variety of items from Apparel to Zircon and everything inbetween.

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Wilma said...

OMG I was shocked and amazed! That is such a wonderful bio of my work and I thank you so much for featuring me. so guess you can tell I love food and seasons and beautiful places. Thank you again for a wonderful article!!!!!!