Thursday, August 12, 2010

@HyperspaceHippo - Voyage of the Hyperspace Hippo: Creating a Gift

Many of you know that I often spend my twitter time re-tweeting the hand made copper jewelry pieces you post on Twitter. In fact, that's how many of you found me in the first place, when I tweeted a piece you posted. I've always thought it was a win-win situation for both of us. If you post a piece from your shops and add the words copper, copper jewelry, hand made copper my Social Oomph search engine notifies me. Most mornings and some evenings I'll go through the lists and re-tweet at least a few of the pieces I like. Every once in a while I get to help someone with a copper project or answer questions about wire wrapping or copper wire. One night a couple of weeks ago was one of those occasions. I met @HyperspaceHippo.

@HyperspaceHippo had a simple request for some solid copper lobster clasps. Not easy to find in solid copper, I had found some in 3 sizes for my shop but hadn't added them yet. We tweeted back and forth a bit to find out what she needed and I told her that I would post them for her. She also needed a small length of chain and a couple of jump rings to go with the clasps for a very special project. I don't carry chain or jump rings yet but I had them in my personal stash that I would share with her. So, off went the package and I thought that was that, until this morning.

I love waking up to find a mention on Twitter. @HyperspaceHippo has written an article about the project she needed the supplies help with Voyage of the Hyperspace Hippo: Creating a Gift 
What a very special loving gift she created. It's truly an honor to have met her and helped with this gift. Sales aside, this is really what Twitter should be all about. Making friends, creating relationships that, even though online, have the power to touch you. @HyperspaceHippo did that today.

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