Friday, May 27, 2011

The Beading Gem's Journal

What an honor I had today to be featured in The Beading Gem's Journal, an excellent blog about all the facets of jewelry making. In fact, it's one of the blogs I read faithfully because it consistently provides information, ideas and tutorials in a reader, or is that beader, friendly way. The author, Pearl, a CWJ group member featured Copper Wire Jewelers today, a group I started almost 2 years ago for jewelers and beaders who enjoy working in copper and other alternative metals. I've been grinning from ear to ear since I read the article.

Karen, of Karen Makes Stuff  , also a member of Copper Wire Jewelers and a friend, suggested that Pearl could do a blog about the group and of course Pearl ran with it and out did herself. Karen and I met when I found her blog and discovered that she lived near where I grew up and my Dad still lives. We got together for an impromptu wire wrapping lesson and had a ball. In fact, Karen has the only pictures of me that appear anywhere online and thankfully it's only my hands. Here's the lesson Karen turned into a blog.

I am truly touched by the sentiment expressed in the article, the trust the members have put in me and the love of the friends I've made through Copper Wire Jewelers. I've said it before, the members of Copper Wire Jewelers are the best jewelry group on the web. I hope you will all come and see what we've built and will continue to grow. My special thanks go to Karen and Pearl for the article which blew me away.

Don't forget to visit these two great blogs and then check out Copper Wire Jewelers


Karen said...

Thanks Lois, it was a fun day!

The Beading Gem said...

It was a pleasure to write about this amazing group and publications and to acknowledge all your hard work for the community. Besides Karen and I enjoyed plotting the surprise! Pearl

Artisan Originals said...

It's very exciting!!! I'm always proud to be a member of our group! I've joined and left teams but I've always stayed here with you. <3 I've never found a group where I feel like I fit in better! We share a passion for copper and we get to meet kindred spirits! I proudly mention ya'll in my blog and on my FB page too! I'm a very proud member.

I'm tickled to know Pearl is a member of our group! I've been following her blog for a while.

Congrats Lois and welcome back to us!!! <3