Thursday, October 6, 2011

Melissa Muir Shares "Tool Time Tuesdays"

As my jewelry journey continues I've found certain artists that I go back to time and again for inspiration and instruction. Melissa Muir fits both bills for me on her Kelsi's Closet Jewelbox Design Journal. I love her Tool Time Tuesdays and read them faithfully. Frequently I get to watch them since Mellisa is making YouTube videos and posting them with her blog.

One of today's "TTT" videos is about operating 3 different torches. Some of you know that I was fortunate enough to host Don Norris, at A Beaded Affair one weekend at the end of September. We had six students who, with me learned to solder and each made a gorgeous piece of sterling silver jewelry. I love my pendent, but more on that later when I have a picture. So I was particularly interested in today's videos about using a torch. After you watch the video, head back over to the Tool Time Tuesday blog and watch the other videos on today's issue. You'll want to go back and find all the other great videos too.

After you learn how to operate your torch and all the other tools Melissa has taught about, don't forget to check out all the solid copper wire, findings and beads at A Beaded Affair. You can use your new torch skills with solid copper. Don't settle for plated copper. Create heirloom jewelry with solid copper products.


Tela Formosa said...

Thanks for sharing :) I have to check out Melissa's blog some more.

I only wish I could manage melting copper wire ends with my butane micro torch. I see everyone doing it, but have never managed... and I used to melt glass with a torch for a living! LOL!

A Beaded Affair said...

Why don't you ask Melissa. Maybe she will do a video on it.