Sunday, November 23, 2008

ETSY - Wonderful Place, Wonderful People

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Esty it is without a doubt the best place on the web for creative crafters to market their wares and that is just what they do. Everything from Wooden Apples to Stuffed Zebra's can be found in the thousands of stores you can shop in. But what makes Etsy truly amazing is the people.

Through one of the miriad of groups I belong to on the web I met Marichris Guadagna, the creative artist who sells on Etsy as Golden Flower Creations. On her blog Zen Ventures yesterday she offered fellow shop owners the opportunity to advertise with her in a creative blog post called Siesta Saturday. Check out her blog and her shop here. Etsy really is all about the people.

Zen Ventures: Siesta Saturday - Nothing but Etsy#comments

And in that light, being all about the people, don't forget to stop by my team's store Esmarts where we donate fine art to help someone less fortunate. Newley listed today, two new items from Jill at Jewlery Elegance.

A Beaded Affair


TeriB said...

What a great link! And the new items in the store are wonderful, as always! Thanks for getting the team store started Lois! Teri

Oh2122 said...

I will definitely check that out!

And I love the piece in your header!