Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Stu Stu Studio618

Showing my total lack of knowledge of modern music, if a 1985 song by Phil Collins can be called "modern music", when I first met the talented Theresa Kwong, the brains and talent behind Studio 618, I couldn't for the life of me remember her real name. Every time I saw her the adulterated lyrics of Phil's pop hit were all I could bring to mind and Theresa became Stu Stu Studio to me. With apologies to Theresa, Phil Collins in a 1997 interview with VH1 said, "So I set up this drum-machine pad, and I got some chords, and I started to sing into the microphone, and this word came out, which was "sus-sussudio." The world of course thought it was Stu Stu Studio, me included, and that is the name I dubbed Theresa.
I've gotten to know Theresa a little better and still secretly think of her as Stu, but there is much more to Theresa Kwong than an out of date pop ditty. One look at her Etsy Store Studio 618 will reveal the depth of artistic talent and vision that continues to reveal itself with each new addition. Structure and flow identify her style which makes sense when you know that Theresa is a practicing architect by day and a jewelry designer by night.

A Silversmith, Theresa uses only the best gemstones, sterling and copper to create a wide variety of one of a kind treasures. One of my current favorites is this hand engraved sterling cuff with the following scripture from Numbers 6:24-26 "May the Lord bless you and keep you;May the Lord make his face shine upon you;and be gracious to you;May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace." See more historical information on hand engraving on Theresa's blog aptly titled Studio 618.

Theresa says, "My inspiration comes from my past experiences in life, my cultures, my environment, or a specific moment in time. Sometimes interesting techniques will challenge me to come up with different designs too. My work keeps evolving, with fresh ideas all the time."

I think Stu says it best, "After many years of practicing as an architect, I craved to create with my own two hands instead of just sitting behind the computer or drawing board and have other people carry out my designs. From mega-scale projects to micro-sized adornments, I execute my jewelry designs/fabrication with an artful eye, precision hands, and human comfort in mind. I hope my jewelry collections will bring you as much meaning and enjoyment as the passion I pour onto each piece."

A visit to Studio 618 will grab the imagination, satisfy your senses, engage your heart and provide you with your favorite gifts to give or keep for yourself. Thanks Theresa!

While visiting Studio 618 check out her favorites Sellers, team mates on the eSMArts Team for a wide variety of fine art, craft and collectibles. New this month is our eSMArts Team Store with a variety of donated items from generous team members the proceeds of which will all go to good causes.
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ChezChani said...

What a wonderful article about a talented artist. Thanks for sharing her gift with us!

TeriB said...

Well, I'd be failing that same trivia on current music with you, but I think Jill of Jewelry Elegance would be good at that contest! Theresa's work is lovely! I'm amazed at the range of her abilities--from chain-maille, to the engraved inscription, and her ways of combining chain-maille with beading--great talent for our team! Teri http://www.sandtcreations.com/wordpress

Jamie said...

I think it looks great! Dealing with pictures is hard, I had an awful time with my blog. Anyways, Lois, looks great, and Theresa, congrats!

Creations by JAE

Studio618 said...

Thanks everyone for being so supportive. And thanks to Lois, who lets me take up her blog space. I am so lucky to have such wonderful teammates.

KellyKim said...

Thanks for sharing such an gorgeous pieces by Theresa Kwong!
I love her designs! Her Jewelries are very classy and stunning!

Congrats Theresa on being featured at your blog :D


Perfectly Twisted said...

Your pieces are stunning. I love this chainmaile. Lovely blog! Have a great night.

Annette Piper said...

What wonderful work and a great story - thanks for the story!