Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Please welcome our guest blogger and my husband - The Jewelry Widower - Al Linquist

MY wife makes jewelry. I am sure that there are many other "Jewelry widowers/widows" out there, and faced with the same situations. Does your partner spend almost every free moment involved in the process of making jewelry? From the actual making of the items, to the photography of such items, and then putting them on the computer on their web pages. I appreciate that my mate wants my opinion frequently about her artwork, and I do really mean art, but have you ever been in the middle of something with great concentration, ie; football game in the final seconds, reading the great novel, or saving the world from asteroids when suddenly the newest creation is put in front of you for your comments? I find that I must pay close attention to the item, and also the question asked. I do not want a sneak question coming up on me, such as "Does this necklace make me look a] too fat, b] too thin, or does it go with any other item that may be mentioned.; I like to think that I am very supportive of my wonderful wife, and am truly impressed with many of her creations. I have found that at times she even listens to my input, for I have seen her make suggested alterations. There are times when I am sure her inquisition is purely perfunctory, as any comment I can make seems to be unheard. I was even informed that I was allowed to blog here, and this is my first blog ever anywhere. Considering that, if I am never heard from again, it is because I have been banished, or worse. There is always the great Husband's Answer to any question: "Yes dear, you're right, I'm wrong, I'm sorry."

Thanks Al for your keen insights into the life of a Jewelry Widower. Al will be an occasional guest blogger here and at his main blog . Hope you enjoyed.

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Sheree said...

What woman doesn't love a man who has a sense of humor even when you interrupt his football game! This was great! I look forward to reading the next blog.

Kaleida Eclectics said...

Alas, it's the same for husbands everywhere, you are not alone! Mine is also a jewelry widower - he must look at all my newly made creations, and listen to me talk about what I'm going to make, what I already made, what I should have made, who I'm making things for, what I'm going to buy, etc, etc, etc!

ChezChani said...


Al "The Jewelry Widower" Linquist said...

To see the other blogs on this very serious matter which is becoming all the more apparent to be afflicting many others check out

I hope you enjoy, and will try to keep the documentaries coming as they unfold.
Have a great day.