Monday, May 24, 2010

So, Where do You Store Your Copper Jewelry?

A Copper Jewelry Box of course!

These beautiful boxes are the work of Ana Maria Enciso.

"In my work I seek to recover the folklore and joy of the Andean people."

"I was born on April 17, 1952. For 24 years I have dedicated myself to

metalwork in the city where I got married to an able smith, from whom I

learned the art of working with silver and plaques. Today we have a

small family business, in which my children are also involved, and... Read the rest of the story here

This is from the site Novica -
NOVICA unites you with more than 2,000 extraordinary master artists around the world. Read about their lives, explore their

fascinating cultures, and select from more than 30,000 handcrafted works

of art. association with National Geographic.

Even if you aren't searching for something for your home this site is full of eye candy from artists all over the world.

1 comment:

Andrew Thornton said...

What lovely boxes! I could think of all kinds of interesting bits and baubles to store in these beauties!